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Digital Experiences

Digital experiences give us the opportunity to create added value for existing facilities without major conversion. Be it a safety briefing on your own company premises, virtual tours in museums and exhibitions, a school trip, outdoor team training, escape game, city rally, event or sightseeing tour. We can work with image, text and video material to make information material vivid, but also

with applications such as augmented reality.

Augmented reality allows us to place digital objects and representations of people in real environments, and there are a number of ways in which we can achieve this with technologies such as smartphones and tablets. This results in great application possibilities for companies, museums and escape games, for example when sculptures, pictures or exhibits are magically brought to life.

There is also the possibility to integrate QR Codes

and iBeacons.

All digital experiences can be tailored to your experience, company or customers through

individual branding and the use of IP’s.

  • Apps & Games
    Indoor & Outdoor Event Concepts Interactive Applications Augmented Reality Integration
  • Dark Rides
    Target & Shooter Systems Scoring Systems & Displays (On - & Off-Ride) Themed Objects analog or active Storytelling Option
  • Queue
    Themed Objects analog or active Interactive Applications through Light & Sound Impulses Development of alternative Queueing Systems Interactive Decorative elements
  • Museums
    Interactive Exhibits Sensor Technology Audio & Light Concept and Installation Storytelling
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