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In the city centre of Bad Kreuznach you have the unique opportunity to descend into a time long gone.

The Escape Room is the latest attraction from
CV Entertainment and opened its doors in 2018.

By the way, the descent is meant literally, as "Effugium Escapes" is located under the city in an old vaulted cellar.

What do the vaults hide in secrets?

Come & find out - book your timeslot today & your ticket to "Effugium Escapes" with it.

Katakomben 2018_Schriftzug 2.png

Are YOU brave enough to face your fears?

Two years in a row we presented the horror event "Katakomben".

Over a distance of a kilometre, visitors made their way through the cellar labyrinth of the town of Oppenheim.

With the help of sets, special effects, a mysterious soundtrack and our scare actors the dark history of the city had to be explored.

Effugium Escapes
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