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Visitor Attractions

In an ever-changing world and more entertainment options than ever, the demands of guests towards the leisure industry are becoming even higher.

It is therefore important that museums and similar institutions get involved in telling their contents

and stories in an interesting way.

Every room can be turned into a great experience. From large to small, from business premises to leisure facilities.

We offer tailored, high quality solutions

for practically any environment!

With the latest technologies used in our projects, we can create a fascinating educational experience

that visitors will not forget.

  • Apps & Games
    Indoor & Outdoor Event Concepts Interactive Applications Augmented Reality Integration
  • Dark Rides
    Target & Shooter Systems Scoring Systems & Displays (On - & Off-Ride) Themed Objects analog or active Storytelling Option
  • Queue
    Themed Objects analog or active Interactive Applications through Light & Sound Impulses Development of alternative Queueing Systems Interactive Decorative elements
  • Museums
    Interactive Exhibits Sensor Technology Audio & Light Concept and Installation Storytelling
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